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Is it possible to love two people


is it possible to love two people

In most cases, the best possible way to deal with falling in love with two people would be to break away from one relationship and live happily with the other. How to Handle Being In Love With Two People. While many people revel in the idea of a single soul mate, it's possible to feel love for two. So, if true love completely takes us over, is it possible to have the same feelings for two love objects at the same time? Some people claim that. People sometimes express the difficulty in loving two people at the same time, by posing it as a logical contradiction: "He cannot romantically. In such a case you don't actually love two people but you just miss some chemicals that used to make you happy and excited. (see The psychology of love and. Our human capacity to love is boundless but when it involves being 'in- love ' with two people at the same time, you may feel torn and confused. is it possible to love two people


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