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Tantric guide


tantric guide

About Me. Helena is a passionate tantric practitioner and educator. Drawing on her extensive experience in meditation, yoga, reiki and spiritual. Tantric sex is easier than you think! Try our fun guide to some simple tantric sex positions and take your love life to a whole new level. Tantric techniques in the West are sexual techniques and belongs to the ancient How To Practice Tantra – The Ultimate Beginner's Guide. If all you know about Tantra is what you've picked up from watching various Sting interviews, then listen up, 'cause this is going to be awesome. Tantric sex attempts to bring two loving partners together in more than just a physical manner. The word Tantra is Sanskrit and is derived from. Throw the words “ tantric sex” at your Tinder date and they'll likely be intrigued and intimidated. To most people, the idea of tantric sex sounds.


How To Have Tantric Sex tantric guide

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