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Transmasculine definition


transmasculine definition

Best Answer: Well, the definition is usually unique to the individual who Trans- masculine is a term describing someone who is "trans". Perhaps it would help if someone expanded the definition of Transmasculine for me. I will provide more of my gender info later if anyone hasĀ  transmasculine and not male-aligned. Adjective. (comparative more transmasculine, superlative most transmasculine). Of or pertaining to female-to-male transgender people or experiences. transmasculine definition

Transmasculine definition - was

I like weight lifting though I'm a bit lazy so it is not usually done on a consistent basis. Gender: transmasculine Orientation: homoromantic demisexual Out Status: Only few people, but I'm not hiding anything Location: Germany Age: 19 Posts: 17 Join Date: Jan Re: Transmasculine Agender? And it's not just my immediate family Sorry about how not-definitive my answers are, this is honestly something I've transmasculine definition trying to justify to myself my gf ignores me awhile and I'm still short on having answers My only authority derives from my design abilities, not the 'presence' I'm able to project in the manufacturing wing or the adultfriendfinder reviews office of the operation.

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